The Finds

Kronan is significant because it forms a closed find. The wreck contains a large number of artefacts in superb condition, with great variation both in terms of material and function. Kronan represents the Swedish Era of Great Power and portrays a large cross-section of society at the time. A closed find provides a context wherby artefacts can be excavated from the place that they were deposited.

Quite often several artefacts are excavated together in the same area. This combination of artefacts found together can provide a lot more information than a single artefact by itself. To date, more than 30 000 objects, such as highly sophisticated musical instruments, rare coins, elaborate decorations, 44 bronze cannon and many more have been recovered from the wreck. Objects can be divided into four categories: ships equipment; objects of warlike nature (weapons and weapon-related); common utensils; personal belongings. Below: Golden drinking spoon found inside a chest together with 15 glass bottles. The spoon is marked with the Royal Families 'Golawitz' Weapon.


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