The sculptures recovered from Kronan have an important bearing on the future of the project. The presence and recovery of exterior decoration in its original position (in situ) can be deemed a great incentive to recover the ships' structure. The understanding of ships decoration during the 17th century is still a field that is relatively undeveloped. The decorations of Kronan represent the later period of the baroque, when decoration had more gilded features than half a century before.

The most remarkable wooden sculpture from the wreck is in the shape of a Roman warrior. The sculpture is 155 cm tall and weighs 60 kg. It was found in a vertical position, head down in the clay. At the time of recovery it floated to the surface of the water because it was not yet waterlogged. After 311 years in the solid protecting clay on the bottom, it was still 'as good as new'. The sculpture was originally positioned outside the opening to the gallery on the port side of the vessel.


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