The Cannon

Kronan carried between 110 and 126 bronze guns on her three flush decks, quarter-deck, forecastle and poop. The weight of the ordnance has been estimated as ca. 230 tons. To date 44 cannon, all bronze, have been recovered from the wreck site during excavations from 1981 (not less than 60 were excavated during contemporary times). Forty percent of the cannon raised were trophies. This reflects the contemporary naval ambition to equip capital-ships with captured guns. Thus there is a great variety in the provenance among the cannon e.g. Swedish, Spanish, Danish and German. Most of the foreign cannon, are trophies from the Thirty-year War (1618-48).

In size the cannon range from 3 to 36 pounders, weighing from 300 kg to close to 5000 kg each. The oldest gun recovered so far is a German 30 pounder cast in 1514 and the youngest a Swedish 36 pounder from 1661. Of a total of between 110 and 126 cannon, 60 were salvaged during the 1680's, using a diving-bell.


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