The Kronan exhibition

Follow us on a tour around the Kronan exhibition at the Kalmar Läns Museum in Kalmar.

The Kronan exhibition has dioramas, models, movies, reconstructed underwater environments and a large number of artefacts from the site. Some examples include a reconstruction of a gun deck, the admiral's cabin and a 17th century diving-bell. Three movies show the site, excavation procedures and the aims and visions for the project into the future. Also, artefacts are on display that performed a large range of functions on the vessel. In a specially designed room you will see the remains of the crew´s clothes found in the wreck. Below left: Scale reconstruction of Kronans middle gun deck, in the Kronan exhibition, Kalmar Läns Museum. Below right: A replika of a skull-and-crossbones charm found on Kronan. Available for purchase in the museums giftshop.


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